• Facilitation,
    Strategic Planning & Training

    Michelle Zamperetti has been a trainer and facilitator in various capacities for more than 20 years

  • Program Development & Implementation

    Zamperetti Consulting has 20 years of experience with planning, implementing and evaluating program

  • Leadership Development & Coaching

    Zamperetti Consulting works directly with senior leadership, leadership staff, and program staff tha

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Zamperetti Consulting is committed to the belief that there is power in great ideas and collaborative thinking; and that in effectively working together, organizations and individuals can achieve exciting, never-before-seen outcomes.  Zamperetti Consulting can provide the personal touch that makes strategic work feel exciting and can facilitate any type of change management, strategic design thinking and leadership strategies that you want to provide to your teams.  Zamperetti Consulting is excited to help you meet all of your goals.

After 25 years in various leadership roles in the health and public health organizations, Michelle has decided that her passion for strategic planning, innovative leadership, organizational development and personal growth opportunities for professionals at all levels should be taken to the next level and she has launched her own firm focusing in these areas.  Zamperetti Consulting is here to help you and your organization with all of your leadership development, business strategy, program planning, training, facilitation and strategic needs.

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  • Facilitation and Training

    Zamperetti Consulting is a company whose roots are based in facilitation and that is committed to facilitation excellence Zamperetti Consulting has had the pleasure of facilitating meetings, strategy sessions, conflict resolution engagements, national panel discussions, and leadership retreats.

  • Project Planning and Management

    I look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your project development and planning. We can assist with any portion of your project from planning and design to implementation and evaluation.

  • Leadership Development and Coaching

    Michelle has more than 20 years in mentoring, coaching, and leadership development experience with organizations, teams and individuals and has a particular passion for building the strength and leadership skills of executive leaders as well as young professionals moving into the workforce.

  • Business Development Planning

    Let Zamperetti Consulting help you secure new business or new financial resources through grant writing, fundraising support, member management, and donor relations. We are excited to work with you to develop your business development strategy to take your organization to new heights.

  • "I was impressed with her ability to allow the conversation to flow. She created a comfortable environment to discuss important issues.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Zamperetti Consulting for strategic planning and facilitation"

    Julia nonprofit client
  • "Michelle has consistently provided excellent feedback and support for our business development goals and has helped us bring in additional funds for the organization"

    Zack nonprofit client
  • "I am forever better for the two-plus years Michelle mentored our organization and our leaders. Her counsel and guidance still resonate; her ability to motivate still lifts us and the lessons and skills we gained do not just apply to our business goals they also are lessons for life!”

    Gail corporate client

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