Michelle Zamperetti has been a trainer and facilitator in various capacities for more than 20 years.
  She has provided both self-created content on topics from population health improvement, appropriate workplace behavior, social equity and social justice as well as proprietary content from various national organizations and assessment services.  Additionally, Michelle has been invited as a keynote and panel speaker on a wide variety of content-specific programming at both the national and regional level for meetings, conferences and expert meetings.  Recently, Zamperetti Consulting had the good fortune to be selected as the facilitator for an annual staff meeting at a local child care center and is also working regularly to provide strategic facilitation and planning for a newly formed 501 c3 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Michelle is also a trained educator and has created content for both on-line and in-person training for all types of adult learners from C-Suite Leaders to college students to subject matter experts and community collaborators.